LaToya's Key Issues

Increase Access To Mental Health And Substance Abuse Programs


As of August 24, 2021 there have been 593 overdoses and already 113 fatalities in Anne Arundel County.

This is not acceptable.  I have the experience and know how to help individuals and family affected by substance use disorders. 

Mental health is affecting all families in the district, wealthy, poor, white, people of color, college graduates, non-college graduates, young and old, it knows no bounds.  During Covid when people stayed at home, students included, for many this negatively impacted their mental health.  As we start to come out of Covid we need to provide the assistance for people who are struggling with mental health.  We need more resources including access to mental health and substance use programs to help those who are struggling with these issues.


Advocate For Quality Education

As we start to move past Covid our children need to return to schools safely.  Children and teachers have had a very difficult learning period during Covid. Schools need to be getting back to the basics reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our high schools need to focus on academics and trade programs for those not interested in attending college.  Our students must leave school with degrees they can read and be prepared for their next step after high school whether it is college or joining the workforce. 


Keep Taxes Low

During the Covid pandemic the federal and state government has been spending excessive amounts of money.  This is our money they are spending!  We all know we cannot spend our way out of a problem and the bill is coming due.  What does this mean - increasing taxes!  This must stop.  I am a small business owner I know how to balance the books and get a return on an investment. We cannot afford to have any more of our hard-earned money to pay for failed programs.  We need to cut taxes for hardworking families to let them keep more of their money and spend it as they see fit.


Support Small Businesses And Economic Growth 

Maryland has been ranked one of the worse states to start and grow a business. I will work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and start their businesses by reducing the red tape to make it easier for businesses to grow.  I will work with the small business community to help build and sustain employers in the district.